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Improving how teams work has become simpler

We have fixed the top 5 challenges that leaders and advisors encounter in coaching and training teams. Now, there's a single, easy-to-use platform that boosts team success - we're excited to introduce CoachTrigger through a live video demonstration.

Important features

Effective coaching

Pedagogic screens for individual coaching

Smart training

Create online trainings and publish online

Self coaching app

Team members use our mobile app with self-coaching modules

Follow up and detect

Screens to detect peoples needs and results

Freelancing consultant or manager?

If you are a freelancing consultant offering coaching & training to companies, you will love how effective every client project becomes. If you are a manager in a company we will help you to set up your teams in CoachTrigger. If you do not like to do the coaching & training yourself, we will connect you with one of our many freelancing consultants.

Serve para todas as equipes

Settings to make CoachTrigger fit all kinds of sales teams, support teams, consultant teams, production teams or manager teams.

Unique mobile app

With our pedagogic mobile app, your team members will get the support they need to improve their performance by themselves from the office and on the go.

White label option

Present our platform with your colors and logo for powerful brand building towards the team members.

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We will help you set up a test account and book a live video onboarding call. We help you test CoachTrigger for free without any obligations to purchase.

24/7 Live chat support to help you with anything

You will always be accompanied and assisted by our team of professionals, no matter where in the world or at what time. The success of your team is our commitment.

Ajudamos você a configurar e integrar seus clientes

Through live video meetings, we help you set up each of your clients on our platform and onboard the team members for a successful start of each case.

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When you create a test account, you will receive a live video onboarding call where we will walk you through the initial setup with no credit card information or commitments required. Join our global community of CoachTrigger experts by logging in, where you can connect, post messages and participate in forums to share knowledge and experiences.