Our affiliate program

There are millions of coaches, trainers and corporate managers in the world that will be happy to discover CoachTrigger for free. Our afilliate partner program makes it possible for you to build a substantial income by simply recommend your B2B network to book a demo with us. 


Your introductions will receive our white glove service. We help them book a demo meeting and offer a 14 days free test period. Normally 70-80% of our discovery clients become clients or affiliate partners.

Substantial income from 2-tiers

We use Partner Stack as our affiliate partner platform, to ensure all partners a reliable collaboration. When you sign up you receive a link that you use to invite the people in your network to book a demo with us. You can also introduce your clients directly to us, we will then make sure they will be tagged under your affiliate account manually. Every client you introduce to us will be well taken care of by our discovery team. 

When a client you recommend to us becomes a paying client, you will receive a % of all monthly fees we charge to the client, during the wj´hole lifetime cycle. When your introduction in their turn introduce a client to us, you will receive a % from the fees created in your 2nd tier. This 2-tier program makes our partner program extra interesting and one of the most lucrative on the market. Welcome to fill in the form below, so we can tell you more, help you sign up and support you to success as our affiliate partner.

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