A new solution to performance & productivity issues

Why are most employees not as happy, motivated and high performing as they could be? Something is missing.  We have created a modern platform and process for individual coaching to fill that gap. The solution is simple, requires little time from each employee and creates a high return on investment for the companies we work with. 

What problems do we solve?

Most companies have different issues with performance and productivity. Employees need more attention, education and support to make their working day more efficient and productive. Managers see that employees do not meet their targets and are not following internal routines. These and many other performance issues combined lead to lower motivation, productivity, revenues and profitability in an organisation.



The modern employee has a lot on their plate. Looking after customers, filling in complex CRM systems, learning the necessary skills, being efficient, focusing on the right tasks, meeting targets, staying positive, motivated and productive… the list goes on. Some employees choose to follow all the routines and processes, but lose focus on achieving their goals. Some people create a bit of chaos around them, but achieve good results. Some people manage to do everything the company asks of them, but often experience stress and work-life balance issues. 



Managers find it difficult to produce reports and forecasts, and systems are often not updated correctly. There is not enough time to support each employee to perform at their best, leaving many issues unresolved. At best, the business continues to function well, but potential revenues, profits and growth are lost in the performance issues. At worst, the lack of performance leads to profitability issues that are never pleasant to deal with.  



We can link CoachTrigger to your CRM and other internal systems and display all the data in comprehensive bespoke reporting dashboards. We can also coach your people to fill in all their activities correctly in your internal systems, to produce more reliable reports and forecasts. This is an important area where we help our clients in a unique way.

Our solution is simple but powerful

Since most performance problems are the result of many small individual problems, the only solution is to help each employee to solve his or her problems step by step. Getting people to change their daily habits and learn new ways to be more productive does not happen overnight. To make administration and reporting easier, new smart solutions are needed. We have built a platform tailored to support the individual performance improvement process. We have built a team of coaches who communicate with your employees and managers through our mobile app. Our built-in automation and AI can connect to your existing CRM system and other platforms to provide more reliable reporting and more effective management. Our team of coaches will ensure that employees start updating all systems correctly. We become your new team, helping both employees and managers to solve any performance issues. 

A step by step approach


We start with a discovery meeting to find out what you think are the issues you want to improve in your business. The next step is to conduct our performance survey with your employees to see what they need help with. Based on the information gathered, we set up our CoachTrigger platform. This part of our process is free of charge.



Your employees download our mobile app and start communicating with their dedicated coach through an end of day summary. Our internal team of performance coaches will start texting with your employees on a daily basis within our app. This daily human interaction between employees and their dedicated coach in our platform is the critical part of our success. After the initial trial month, you can continue with our service on a monthly subscription with just 30 days notice.



Step by step, we help each employee solve their performance issues, become more positive and motivated, and produce better results. Within the first month, CoachTrigger’s automated reports will show improvements in positive energy, motivation, performance and productivity.



Our built-in tailored reports to management will show new important insights into the working day of employees. We can also connect to your existing CRM system and other platforms each client may have to compile data into comprehensive reports and forecasts.


Some client comments

"As COO it has been an eye-opener to have our employees working with Coachtrigger. The reports and understanding I receive about each individual is amazing. The employees are now much more positive, energetic and interested in developing their workday. The 24/7 support from Coachtrigger has also been amazing."
Mats Silberman
Mats Silbermann
COO, Sundbybergs Stadsnät
"We have just started to use CoachTrigger as a tool for sales coaching with some of our clients. Our coaches like the dashboard and the way they can monitor and communicate with each client inside the platform. Both our coaches and our clients have a positive first impression and see the value."​
Kevin Hayler
Kevin Hayler
Founder & CEO, Sales Made Easy

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We help you get started

We help you set everything up through our survey process and live video meetings. We will help you onboard your team members for a successful start. 

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