About Us

A client driven SaaS platform

CoachTrigger is a SaaS platform created by Peter Redrin, a Swedish born expert in team coaching & training since 1998. All the knowledge, experience, structures and methods that Peter has gathered during the years are implemented in CoachTrigger. Today a growing teamof experts are helping Peter to develop the platform, sales, marketing and run partner program. Clients and partners are invited to come with ideas how to improve the platform and we update with new features and designs every month. 

What common problems have we solved with CoachTrigger?

If you are a a freelancing consultant in coaching & training or fractional management, or if you are a manager with employees in larger companies, you need a platform like CoachTrigger. We have solved the old problem of employees not reaching their targets and their full potential. We have also solved the old problem of managers not understanding their employees issues and how to support them to success. We have also managed to make the whole process simple online and fun, instead of complicated and boring. We iFrame in our clients existing systems if they like, to have it all in one platform. To scale and increase revenues becomes easy for consultants who like to improve their situation.

Our partner network is growing

Suprisingly we only charge $99 – $299 per month to use CoachTrigger, with unlimited amount of users and full 24/ support from us. There are a growing number of professionals recommending CoachTrigger to their networks. We have a serious partner program with a powerful reward program.

Management Team

Peter Redrin

Founder & CEO
Peter has a long international career as coach for staff teams and managers. WIth CoachTrigger he is focused on giving high performance to small & medium sized companies around the world.

Romina Waisfelt

Support Manager
Romina has been working as executive assistant and support professional since 2012. She makes sure all our clients are happy with our support.

Leyla Nawal

Sales Manager
Leyla has long experience in SaaS system sales. key account management and client support. With positive energy she ensure all new clients a good journey with us.

Israel Galvez Gil

Israel is an experienced CTO and manager of successful implementation, development and PHP programming of e-commerce platforms. He manage all aspects of our webpage, SaaS platform and mobile apps.

Esteban Babio

Project Manager
Estaban is a senior developer and project manager. He is taking care of our platform development and programming together with a team of developers.

Miroslav Brejla

Miroslav has extensive CFO and Controller experience in tech and startups, with a focus on financial management and value creation. He ensures CoachTrigger accurate financial operations.