AI supported performance coaching & training

Why are most employees not as happy, motivated and top performing as they could be? Something is missing.  CoachTrigger introduce a modern AI supported platform for individual performance coaching & training. Combined with our unique coaching process we deliver increased performance and motivation to all employees in any company .

Discover the power of individual performance coaching

The easiest way to discover how CoachTrigger improves employee performance, is to schedule a video meeting with us. You will meet with one of our experts from our support team and receive a demo of how we deliver individual performance coaching. Step two is to let us do our free survey with your employees, which will make it very clear how much you have to gain and your return on investment. This discovery period has no committment to purchase, so please click here to start it up.

Our partner program

There are millions of coaches, trainers and company managers in the world that will be happy to have a company executives who need a discovery period with us and the help of our service. We have a partner program for you who like to introduce us to your network. Your job as partner is to recommend your client contacts to book a discovery call with us, we do the rest. We like to explain more about our partner program to you, please click here to book your partner call.


What is AI supported performance coaching?

We make our survey with your employees to get a clear picture of your performance situation today. Based on the answers we setup our CoachTrigger platform tailored for the needs of your employees. Your employees download our mobile app and start communicating with their dedicated coach from our team. Step by step we help each person to solve issues, create higher motivation and manage their workday in a way that create higher performance. Our AI supports translation between languages and create tailored performance reports to the management. We can also connect our AI with your other existing systems to create comprehencive reports to help finding and solving performance related issues.   

What do we provide

Innovative coaching

Fantastic AI supported features to deliver individual coaching and team coaching.

Employee mobile app

Your employees use our mobile app to communicate with their coach, train and improve their workday.

More effective learning

Publish training material in our library, link in online material or create new material.

AI supported reports

We combine our modules with our AI connecting to your existing systems. 

24/7 Live support to help you with anything

You will always be supported by our team of professionals, no matter where in the world or at what time. The success of each team members journey to higher performance is our commitment.

We help you onboard your team members

Through live video meetings, we help you onboard your team members for a successful start. Our coaches will then guide them through their individual performance journey.

Start a powerful partnership with us!

We invite you to join our global and growing community of affiliated partners introducing us to clients interested to know more!