Innovative platform for learning, coaching & training

A technological race is in full swing, challenging professionals how to deliver learning, coaching & training. CoachTrigger introduce a modern and flexible platform promising scalability and increased revenues.

Start your discovery

The easiest way to understand how CoachTrigger can help your business, is through our discovery period. You will meet with a friendly service person from our white glove support team, not a sales person. In step one we explain how CoachTrigger works and give you a free test account. Next step is a second meeting to help you tailor the platform to suit your business. This discovery period has no committment to purchase, so please click here to start it up.

Our partner program

There are millions of coaches, trainers and company managers in the world that will be happy to have a CoachTrigger discovery period. We have a partner program for you who like to introduce us to your B2B network. Your introductions will receive our white glove service. We help them book a discovery call, offer a free text account and help them set it up with no committment to purchase. We like to explain more about our partner program to you, please click here to book your partner call.

Innovative coaching

Fantastic features to improve individual coaching and team coaching projects.

Effective learning

Publish training material in our library, link in online material or create new material.

All in one platform

We combine our modules with your existing systems in our platform.

Student mobile app

Your students use our mobile app to log, train and improve in a motivating way.

A short presentation

To tailor a perfect platform for a business in learning, coaching & training is something new. With a generous free test policy the interest is high from the coaching & training community.

A demo of the platform

Discover the dynamic flexibility of CoachTrigger as your consulting business platform. Discover new revenue streams, scalability, innovation in learning and more successful implementation 

Your business in a modern way

We white label our platform, so it looks like your platform. We connect it to your existing website, or we give you a completely new website. We make your business look very attractive and generate more revenue. We can help scale your business, organise new income streams and boost new client acqusition.

Suitable for all coaching, training or fractional consulting

With unique settings we make your CoachTrigger platform to fit exactly your strategy, your offer to the market and 100% support your way of working. We have modules that supports any kind of coaching, training, follow-up strategies. We help you monetize your consulting better and scale your business .

White labelled and connected to your website

We white label CoachTrigger with your logo and graphical design. Your business becomes very attractive to new clients, and make your existing clients to recommend you in a even stronger way. We can connect CoachTrigger to your existing website, or we give you a totally new modern one. The student mobile app can be tailor made to suit all your different packages and strategies, with your white labelled branding.

Work less and boost your revenue

With CoachTrigger you will find it easier to win new clients. We help you start multiple income streams online and in new partnerships. You can invite consultants to join you brand and scale your consultancy into growth mode, even internationally. We help you increase your revenues without working more hours.

24/7 Live support to help you with anything

You will always be supported by our team of professionals, no matter where in the world or at what time. The success of your team is our commitment.

We help you setup and onboard your clients

Through live video meetings, we help you onboard your larger clients and team members for a successful start of each case.

We help you start a new webpage

Some coaching & training companies do not have a modern webpage. We have a service where we give you a new modern WordPress website. We have a template called Coacha, have a look at it here.

Start a new powerful partnership with us!

We invite you to join our global and growing community of consultants and affiliated partners!