Innovative tool for corporate coaching & training

Our clients install CoachTrigger as a long term coaching & training platform. Utilizing modern tecnology and pedagogic innovations, employees learn faster and have easier to implement new knowledge into their workday. We are the most intuitive and flexible platform on the market.

Coaching modules

Effective and flexible coaching modules to help your team members improve performance & workspace happiness.

Adapted learning

Have training modules accessible to sharpen individual skills on demand. Your own material or public online material.

All in one platform

Integrate your existing systems with our innovative modules. We will iFrame your platforms into your CoachTrigger.

All inside our mobile app

Your employees use our mobile app to self train, implement what they learn, report and motivate them self.

Increase performance & motivation

Our CoachTrigger team is committed to help any manager develop their team members to success. We help you set up and white label your CoachTrigger, we help you coach & train your team members with the best proven strategies. We help your team members get started in our innovative mobile app. We can even outsource all the coaching & training if you don´t like to do it yourself.

No need to change your existing systems

We have an array of modules for Coaching, Learning, Training, MLS, CRM, Surveys, Online sales and payment... but you do not have to change any of your existing systems. We iFrame in your existing platforms and combine with our modules. In this way every midsize or large corporation can have CoachTrigger up and running within 1-2 weeks without making it into a large IT project.

We tailor to fit any business and team structures

With unique settings we make your CoachTrigger platform fit exactly your business structure, the different teams you have and the improvements you see necessary. We have modules to fit for example sales teams, support teams, consultant teams and production teams. We help you create tailor-made follow-up strategies and how to motivate people to care about their performance in a new powerful way.

We help you apply smart powerful strategies

Our experts will help you set up your white labelled CoachTrigger platform and our mobile app for your team members. Either we upload your existing internal training material or we will help you produce new training videos. We help you introduce the CoachTrigger in a motivating way to your team members. If you feel the need we can also help managers with our bespoke coach-the-coach team.

CoachTrigger consultants, coaches & trainers

As many other famous SaaS systems, we have a growing network of partners. You can easily outsource the whole process of fitting CoachTrigger into your existing environment, and also get help from our large network of coaching & training professionals. In this way all managers and employees will be guided in a professional way to success. Finally you can follow the improvements easily and enjoy a good return on investment in employee development.

Coaching & training made easy

We have solved the challenges managers face when it comes to coaching & training their employees. In our platform you can follow your employees progress in learning and implementing the new knowledge in their workday, much easier than before. One of our partners will setup CoachTrigger to fit your business and use case perfectly.

We help you get started for free

We will help you set up a free account and book a live video onboarding call. You can test CoachTrigger for free without any obligations to purchase. Contact us today and let´s show you something new and innovative!

24/7 Live support to help you with anything

You will always be assisted by our support team, no matter where in the world or at what time. Your success is our commitment.

We help you setup and onboard your teams

Through live video meetings we help you onboard managers and employeers for a successful and positive start of your CoachTrigger.

Join our CoachTrigger journey!

We invite you to join our global growing community of managers using CoachTrigger to support their team members to success!