About CoachTrigger – with Sundbybergs Stadsnät COO Mats Silbermann


Who are you and what is your current role?

My name is Mats Silbermann, and I am the Head of Business and Production at Sundbybergs Stadsnät in Stockholm. Sundbybergs Stadsnat is a municipally owned company. Our remit is to manage the fibre infrastructure and the public fibre network in the city of Sundbyberg in Sweden. Furthermore, Sundbybergs Stadsnät offers broadband services via our partners to the residents of Sundbyberg. I have a team of 14 employees in the organization.

Why did you decide to start using Coachtrigger?

The reason I decided to try Coachtrigger was to provide my staff with greater visibility of their daily activities and to enhance their understanding of how their individual contributions align with the company’s overarching objectives. Furthermore, I wanted to ensure transparency and enable staff to achieve their personal goals. Additionally, I aimed to implement a concept I refer to as “self-leadership,” which entails each individual assuming responsibility for achieving their personal targets.  Now we will start using the CoachTrigger performance coaching team. They will communicate with my employees inside our Coachtrigger, and help me to develop each individual from every employee’s individual needs. This will be very exciting.

What results have you achieved with Coachtrigger to date?

The results we have seen so far are that the staff are more aware of their daily tasks and have a more goal-oriented attitude towards their work. Furthermore, we have a clear understanding of the differences in workload between each team member. After we added the performance coaches from CoachTrigger to communcate with our employees inside the app, we also see that the employees are much more positive, motivated and interested in their own development.

Why do you recommend others to use Coachtrigger?

It is crucial for all employees to be aware of their own performance and how they contribute to the company’s overall goals. They must understand that they are an integral part of the team’s success. CoachTrigger empowers managers to oversee the day-to-day performance and support their staff to achieve more efficient and productive results. With their own team of performance coaches, I am looking forward to seeing my employees thrive and improve, without me as manager needing to do that daily communication.


In conclusion, Mats Silbermann, highlights the transformative impact of CoachTrigger within their organization. By enhancing visibility into daily activities, aligning individual contributions with overarching goals, and fostering a culture of self-leadership, CoachTrigger has propelled their team towards greater productivity and performance.

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